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    10 Reasons Why Young Women Prioritize Career Over Relationship

    While others are planning their dream wedding, there are girls planning their next task to get the appraisal. Let the truth be told, being a young woman walking into her office with her head held high is far cooler than changing diapers and washing clothes every now and then. Imagine being the controller of your […] More

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    Things Girls Enjoy More Than Having Guys Over When Home Alone

    There is no doubt about the idea of home alone being a state in paradise and everyone wants to experience new things. Especially for men, being alone is like an opportunity not to be missed and so is for girls. It’s not like girls are not pleasure driven, in fact, girls are twice more than […] More

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    8 Things 90’s Kid Will Surely Relate to

    Everything was simple back then, with no smart phones or Netflix. Times when we met people in real, not on facebook. When we used to sleep on sofa watching cartoons and would magically wake up on bed. 90’s days had its own charm which is lost now. Simplicity, innocence and happiness were the real essence of […] More

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    10 Fun Things You Should Definitely Try With Your BFF

    Tired of going to the same old cafe and taking picture of your favorite drink? Or wanna try something rather than lazing around in each other’s couch complaining about life? Well, look no further. Presenting 10 things that you and your BFF should definitely try out that are guaranteed to be super fun. More

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    10 Signs That Say He’s Your Lobster!

    Well, lobster may seem like one of the most creepiest sea creatures but under those hard shells and not to forget those huge claws, they are the true representatives of love and true soul connection of life. We too are in a constant search for our one and only, someone we can see our possible […] More

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    6 Amazing Cartoons We All Watched Growing Up

    School was undoubtedly the best times of our lives. And once school was over the party began, well not the kind of parties we have now. But one that made us forget about everything and got us glued to the television set. That’s right, the party with our favorite cartoon characters. Whether we were late […] More

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    8 Ways To Live The Hygge Life

    Pronounced as “hue-guh”, it is a Danish word which is now a trending lifestyle. Before you get all crazy and curious, let me tell you, it is a way to describe the way the Danes like to live their lives and could probably be the secret behind Denmark being one of the happiest countries in […] More

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    10 Reasons Why Having A Friend With Benefits Better Than A Relationship

    Different people have different thoughts and they look down to their lives differently. Everyone has different perspective and thus for some, relationship means everything whereas for others,dating or having sex is the real deal. Yes, there are some people who all just want to hang out, have sex and enjoy their lives lavishly without any […] More

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    10 Romantic Movies You Need To Watch With Your Babe

    Romantic dates are good but those house dates where you just watch romantic movies for the entire day and cuddle are actually the best. There are a lot of heart-melting romantic movies that you won’t get tired of watching over and over again. Yes, we all know that boyfriends basically prefer action movies to romantic […] More

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    9 Weird Things Every Girl Does In The Washroom

    There is a whole lot of weird things that girls do when alone in the washroom. If you’ve ever taken a bathroom break at work just so you could have five minutes to sit alone somewhere quiet, or you have a habit of checking out your own ass every time you find yourself alone in […] More

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